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July 2017

Welcome your new HR Adviser for the North West

Welcome your new HR Adviser for the North West

Rachel Beesley has joined the BPIF in the role of Human Resources Adviser for the North Western region. 

Rachel says, "I have over 10 years’ experience within HR & Employment law which includes drafting HR Documents, contracts and advising members on various employment law issues. I have a pragmatic and commercial approach to assisting members.

"I’ve always lived in the North West and spent many years living on the coast in Morecambe before relocating to Manchester just over 3 years ago. In my spare time I really enjoy watching live music and like to have a few gigs booked to look forward too. Love films too – Sci-Fi or a good thriller will keep me entertained." 



What would be your dream bit of kit?

A self-cleaning house!


Who or what do you hate the most?

I’m not one to hate but intolerance and any type of cruelty does get to me.  


What is your favourite album?

Placebo – Once More with Feeling.


What is your greatest luxury in life?

Binge watching box sets in peace and quiet.


What is your favourite TV show?

Game of Thrones.


Tell me something that will surprise me?

Many years ago Philip Schofield read out my letter to Gordon the Gopher on whatever BBC kids TV show he fronted. It’s that long ago I can’t remember!


Tell me something else that will surprise me?

I used to love running until a hip injury stopped me. Really enjoyed taking part in the Great Manchester Run every year. 


Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with?

Yoda. I’m a Star Wars addict so he could train me to be a Jedi Knight.


What's your greatest fear?

I try not to fear things, if anything happens I see it as a challenge to overcome.


Who or what makes you laugh?

The Big Bang Theory and Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights. 


What is on your bucket list?

A road trip down the California Coast, going to a music festival abroad, following the Tour de France around in a campervan. Lots of travel!


What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Hard work pays off in the end and make sure to enjoy yourself too as time flies. 


Life is...?

There for the taking, live it and enjoy. 

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Rachel Beesley
Rachel Beesley