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25 May 2023

European Graphic Paper Outlook

European Graphic Paper Outlook

Demand Trends, Capacity Management and Challenges Ahead

What can we expect as the ‘new normal' for the European graphic paper market? Alejandro Mata Lopez, director of European packaging and graphic paper at Fastmarkets, shares his insights on the changing global graphic paper demand, the impact of capacity rationalisation, the drivers impacting graphic paper price trends and the factors that are challenging Europe's position on the global graphic paper market.

  • What does European graphic paper demand look like in Europe?
  • How can the industry manage capacity with declining global demand for graphic paper?
  • Why are European graphic paper prices high even when demand is low?
  • What can we expect as the ‘new normal' for the European graphic paper industry?

Read the response to these questions and watch an interview with Alejandro Mata Lopez here.

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