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22 May 2023

Printed Easy has invested in a Scodix Ultra 6000 SHD Digital Embellishment Press

Printed Easy has invested in a Scodix Ultra 6000 SHD Digital Embellishment Press

Achieving the highest quality embellishment at the lowest cost per sheet, the SRA3 – B1 format press from Scodix is sold and installed by Friedheim International and is the first Ultra 6000 in the UK.

Operating out of Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, England, Printed Easy provides a wide range of printing services including labels & stickers, large format & poster printing, as well as folders, business cards and bound products. 

From 2005 when Jon Lancaster took over the business as Managing Director it has been developing and expanding into a sophisticated Web2Print provider, achieving considerable growth in a challenging marketplace. Not only has the company’s online platform transformed into a market leading service, the company boasts an impressive plant list - also driven in recent years to achieve higher efficiencies and production capabilities. 

Printed Easy will be using the Scodix Ultra 6000 by adding foil, and both raised and flat UV to a wide range of commercial products, as well as more complex and detailed embellishments for highly eye-catching and tactile print finishes. Clients will also have the latest SHD (Smart High Definition) embellishment options at their disposal, highlighting the economical range available via the Ultra 6000 with not only the lowest cost per sheet, but the high quality available anywhere on the market.

Printed Easy’s reputation of a high-end Web2Print provider is embodied by high-end investments and the recent install of the Scodix 6000 press is a cogent example of why the company is so successful in this field – offering a flexible range of highest quality print products at the best prices via a simple online process. The significant benefits afforded by Scodix’s software and process automation made an attractive prospect for the business due to their modern business model, but also provides the opportunity for Printed Easy to expand further into the markets that the B1 format allows. Jon Lancaster says “The B1 format and new polymers allow low cost-per-sheet which competes with conventional UV on a flat finish, whilst SHD brings us breakthrough quality in terms of sharpness and detail.”

Another important asopect of the Scodix technology is sustainability. Scodix has four main environmental sustainability areas to ensure success: 1. Industry transformation and digital manufacturing. 2. Product lifecycle sustainability. 3. Consumables and waste, from manufacturing to recycling. 4. Digital print ecosystem.

Clients want to know their goals are going to be achieved without undue waste or potential damage to environment. For the printer this means a keen eye on materials and processes; not only ensuring the final product is safe sand sustainable, but that the manufacturing is too. Scodix have been pushing ahead by proactively solving these problems by developing sustainable polymers and new ways to apply foil, for example.

The Scodix Ultra 6000 is the ultimate solution for CMYK printers working on B1 size sheets who want a standard size press that fits into any print shop. The Scodix Ultra 6000 is able to support offset packaging service providers with using only a minimal footprint area on the production floor, it includes the Pallet Feeder, Engine, Foil Station, and the Pallet Stacker. All 9 Scodix effects are available on the 600 including Scodix Sense™, Scodix Foil™, Scodix Metallic™, Scodix Glitter™, Scodix Spot™, Scodix Cast&Cure™, Scodix VDE™, Scodix Braille™ and Scodix Crystal™. Founded in 2007 and specialising in digital embellishment Scodix have had major success with over 300+ installations worldwide. 


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