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25 January 2023

Colpac Awarded Health and Safety Seal of Excellence from the BPIF

Colpac Awarded Health and Safety Seal of Excellence from the BPIF

Colpac has received the BPIF Safety Seal of Excellence Award for Health & Safety, following an extensive audit process covering key health and safety requirements within their business.

The Seal of Excellence (SoE) programme is an excellent way for Colpac to demonstrate its expertise both internally and to the wider Print Industry. Often the SoE award is just one stage in a programme of continued improvement.

To be eligible to receive the BPIF Health and Safety SoE, members must first achieve a minimum score of 80% from previously completed safety audits with all mandatory requirements being verified. The audits consist of an in-depth review covering all key areas to ensure compliancy with current UK health and safety law, and industry best practice.

Mandy Robson, Head of HS&E at the BPIF has praised Colpac for its on-going commitment towards continually improving safety performance. Mandy stipulated that “over the years, Colpac has consistently focused on a robust health & safety culture within the business, this achievement is credit to continued hard work and dedication towards health & safety”.

“The award confirms our prioritisation of health and safety across all aspects of our operations. We always welcome opportunities for improvement and the BPIF review was considered a tool to further reinforce our positive safety culture. Our people are integral to this, and we are proud of what we have achieved together thus far.” - Frances Dickman, Compliance and QA Manager at Colpac.

 “Colpac clearly demonstrates all the attributes necessary to maintain a safe, healthy, working environment. Led by Senior Management, with engagement from across the workforce, Colpac is committed to driving a positive health and safety culture, reducing risk in the workplace, and protecting its employees. This achievement is a testament to dedication and hard work from all the team”. – Mike Haynes, Regional HS&E Adviser at the BPIF.

For further information regarding the BPIF Safety Seal of Excellence Award, please contact a member of the BPIF HS&E team, or visit the BPIF website BPIF | Membership Services | Health & Safety | H&S Seal of Excellence (

For further information on Colpac visit


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