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Printing Outlook is the BPIF's quarterly printing industry trends survey, compiled primarily from an online survey of BPIF members. It covers topics such as: your top business concerns, orders, output, price levels, capacity, costs, margins, investment, pay reviews, productivity, late payment and payment terms, public sector procurement, Web-to-print and paper & board prices and supply.

We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Canon, we'd like to thank Canon for their support - this will ensure all survey respondents receive a printed copy of Printing Outlook.

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As well as reporting on the BPIF's latest quarterly survey of trends in the printing industry, Printing Outlook now incorporates:

Printing Outlook is widely reported in the trade press, and feeds into the Bank of England and their provision of data to the Monetary Policy Committee. It is required reading for many suppliers to and investors in the industry, and is used by the BPIF to help represent the interests of our industry to other trade associations, the CBI, Government and the European and worldwide printing industries.

BPIF members can download the full report below; Printing Outlook press releases are available here.

BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2021


The recovery in the UK printing and printed packaging industry suffered a setback in Q4 and is now expected to see a decline on the volume of orders and output in Q1. The Covid-19 outbreak hit at the end of Q1, Q2 bore the brunt of the impact and whilst Q3 exhibited a recovery, of sorts, Q4 experienced a halt on that recovery path. Unfortunately forecasts for Q1 suggests that the Covid-19 resurgence and resulting mix of lockdown measures and post-Brexit disruption will be a drag on recovery for many businesses.

The latest Printing Outlook survey reveals that 29% of printers managed to increase their output levels in the final quarter of 2020. One-third (33%) were able to hold output steady, whilst 38% were adversely affected by a decline in output. The resulting balance (the difference between the ups and the downs) was -9, only just below the -8 reported in Q3 and just much in-line with the Q4 forecast (-7). 

BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2021

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BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2021 BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2021
Confidence eroded as Q4 output and orders curtailed - a further downturn is now underway in Q1 but vaccine roll-out provides hope.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2020 BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2020
Confidence improved as output and orders rallied in Q3 - unfortunately road to recovery blocked in Q4.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2020 BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2020
Output and orders sink to new depths in Q2 amidst Covid enforced crisis in confidence - but rebuilding is underway in Q3.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2020 BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2020
Demand and confidence decimated in Q1 as COVID-19 impact strikes the printing industry - Q2 to bear the brunt of the downturn.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2020 BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2020
Q4 disappoints as orders and output only marginally outperform restrained forecast - hope for Q1 as expectations for confidence strengthen.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2019 BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2019
Lacklustre Q3 as output skips the seasonal boost - flat expectations for Q4 may be boosted by election fever, despite underlying confidence issues.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2019 BPIF Printing Outlook Q3 2019
Growth and confidence hit in Q2 – output expected to recover in Q3 but restoring confidence will take longer.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2019 BPIF Printing Outlook Q2 2019
Q1 growth slowed but held above forecast as confidence defied negative expectations - forecasts subdued for Q2.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2019 BPIF Printing Outlook Q1 2019
Seasonal boost stimulates slight recovery in confidencse - expected to subside in Q1 as output and order growth recedes.
BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2018 BPIF Printing Outlook Q4 2018
Q3 output bounced back to justify the positive forecast - seasonal boost to extend into Q4 despite fragility in confidence.
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