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September 2019

Why Mail Cuts Through

Why Mail Cuts Through

Measuring Mail's Effectiveness with Neuroscience.

In our digitally optimised world, customer targeting has never been easier. But now we receive up to 10,000 marketing messages a day*, it's also never been harder to cut through all the noise.

Royal Mail's neuroscience study shows mail can make a difference. Research shows mail is remembered 35% more than social media and 49% more than email.** Find out more about how mail can help your marketing messages get cut through and be remembered.

It's never been easier for marketers to target an audience. The rise of digital has created ample opportunities to reach consumers in real time. Ofcom reports that 88% of UK adults are now online and typically spend around 24 hours a week, or the equivalent of one day a week, online.***

Conversely, it's also never been harder to make a message cut through. With the proliferation of digital touchpoints, on top of traditional media channels, people are exposed to thousands of brand messages a day. So it's easy for a single marketing message to get lost in all the noise.

It means that choosing the right channels to connect with people effectively has never been more important. Brand messages must work a lot harder to stand out and be remembered. And with GDPR to consider, all communication should aim to make consumers feel valued and respected.

The challenge for marketers is clear. How can you cut through the noise to engage an audience with a message that's memorable and inspires action? To see if mail could be the answer, we commissioned neuroscience marketing experts at Neuro-Insight to measure the subconscious effect of different media channels on consumers.

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