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Brexit Bulletin – October 2018
Brexit Bulletin – October 2018

Welcome to the second Brexit Bulletin from the BPIF - and thank you for all your feedback on the first! Highlights this month include our Quick Guide to Authorised Economic Operator status, contracts you should check now and a report back from our engagement with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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In this month's Brexit Bulletin:

1. Brexit update
2. Summary of more print-relevant Government Technical Notices
3. Our latest engagement with Government
4. Quick guide to Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status - could you benefit?
5. Know where you stand - check contracts now
6. Government guidance for employers of EU staff
7. Latest publications

Brexit update

At the mid-October EU summit, European leaders refused to sign off plans for a special Brexit meeting in November to seal the Withdrawal Agreement, saying insufficient progress had been made.

The Prime Minister however has stated that the Withdrawal Agreement is '95% now settled' (the biggest stumbling block still being the Irish border).

One possibility mooted has been to extend the transition period, currently due to end on 31 December 2020, to give the two sides more time to agree their future partnership.

The Prime Minister said the UK should be able to make a 'sovereign choice' in December 2020 between extending the transition period for a short period or invoking the Irish backstop - which would see the whole of the UK stay in a temporary, time-limited customs arrangement with the EU.

Does Parliament get a vote on the deal? Our handy infographic 'What happens in January 2019?' brings you as much clarity as we possibly can.

Summary of more print-relevant Government Technical Notices

The Government has published more Technical Notices which provide information to businesses and individuals if there's a no deal in place by the time we leave the EU in March 2019. With no Technical Notices that relate specifically to the print industry, we're summarising the most relevant ones for our members as they're published.

To find out more please click here.

Our latest engagement with Government

We've enjoyed a close working relationship with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in recent months. Over the summer, BPIF Chief Executive Charles Jarrold took a group of members to an initial Brexit discussion roundtable in Westminister, where we shared with civil servants our thoughts on Brexit's likely impact on the print industry.

As a result of those conversations we've been delighted to be able to host visits between our members and BEIS officials.

On 15 October, Rory Wallace and Olu Fasan, BEIS policy advisers, spent a day visiting our members Prinovis and APS Group in the North West. The advisers were able to see and understand some of the Brexit issues facing both a high volume printer and a diversified group offering multi-marketing services. We'll stay in close contact with the BEIS as Brexit draws nearer, so keeping talking to us as we talk to them.

Quick guide to Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status - could you benefit?

The AEO is a quality mark that shows your role in the supply chain is secure and that your customs control and procedures are efficient and meet EU standards.

To find out more please click here.

Know where you stand - check contracts now

With concerns about supplies making their way through customs following Brexit, we recommend:

- Checking your business interruption insurance - will you be covered in the event of loss of business due to customs delays?
- Checking your equipment maintenance contracts - if there's a delay in repairing equipment, who is liable?
- Checking your long term supply contracts - do they provide for price increases if costs of supply increase?

If you're not sure where you stand contact the BPIF's Legal Team on 01676 526 060 or email [email protected]

Guidance for employers of EU staff

The Home Office has launched a toolkit to help employers and their EU staff understand and apply for UK settlement. It will support you to give practical advice and reassurance to your staff from the EU. It includes leaflets and posters for the workplace which outline the steps your staff should take to apply.

To find out more please click here.

Latest publications

We've trawled through the latest publications about Brexit of particular relevance to the print industry.

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31 October 2018

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