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Closing the Loop on Colour – X-Rite free webinar
Closing the Loop on Colour – X-Rite free webinar
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Who said you can't teach an old dog (or press) new tricks?

Did you know that implementing a closed loop solution allows you to automate your old press? And that these automation enhancements allow it to perform like a newer model, recouping your investment in just 6-9 months?

Learn more by joining Join Scott Harig (X-Rite Pantone) and Jay Rutherford (Rutherford Graphic Products) for a live session about closed loop press automation.

Register for the webinar to learn...
1. What incorporating a closed loop solution means for your business.
2. What is included in a closed loop solution?
3. How closed loop colour control can automate your older press.
4. What the ROI of implementing a closed loop solution is.

Make sure to your questions for this interactive session - we look forward to your participation!

To register click here.


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