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Introduction to Team Leader Training
Introduction to Team Leader Training
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Ceri Priddle
Ceri Priddle
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Teams are an increasingly important feature of working life. This one day introduction course is designed to help individuals to recognise the all-round benefits from team working and leading colleagues to achieve the best from the working environment.

Working in teams offers real benefits, but these do not appear by magic. It takes hard work, commitment and understanding to turn groups of people into real and effective teams. Only through understanding what makes the best teams, can you become an effective leader.

This course is suitable for candidates who:

  • May wish to become a team leader
  • Have particular team leader or administrative roles
  • Are already working and responsible for a group of people, ie No 1 on press, group of account handlers in the office
  • Monitor work of individuals

The one day course covers:

  • Role of the Team Leader - How a team leader differs from a Manager, roles, responsibilities and expectations of a Team Leader. Personal development.
  • Communication - The importance of effective communication, the communication cycle, body language, barriers to effective communication.
  • Leadership Styles. Identify your own leadership style and how this impacts on others. Look at leadership theories and traits of good/effective leaders.
  • Motivation. Define motivation how to motivate people what factors can de-motivate people. Motivational theories such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Teamwork - What a team is, benefits of teamwork, autonomy and team member roles
  • Building Rapport - Define rapport and the importance of good rapport in a team. Performance management and time management

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