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The Digital Academy Signmaker’s Workshop
The Digital Academy Signmaker’s Workshop
When and Where
For more information please contact:
Dawn Reid
Dawn Reid
07801 981 325

Commercial printers new to the Sign and Display market, new employees of existing Sign and Display printers and all colleagues from a non production environment.

Course Syllabus

Using a range of Antalis materials the following techniques will be demonstrated;

Basic Application of Vinyls. Learn the basics of applying vinyl graphics and what vinyls/techniques to use when and where.

Vinyl Application

First Steps in Vinyl Application

  • Vinyl - What, When and How.
  • Weeding & Applying application tapes
  • Preparing surfaces for application of vinyl
  • Use of water/application fluids
  • Applying Basic text

Moving on from the Basics

  • Applying multi layers of vinyl
  • Flood Coating of substrate with vinyl
  • Working on Glass - etched films

Basics of Vehicle Livery

Get back to basics, forget vehicle wrapping this is all about the ever popular basic lettering on commercial vehicles

First Steps in Vehicle Livery

  • General advice on layout - easy and hard areas to fit graphics to.
  • Cleaning and preparation of the vehicle
  • Basic application of vinyl to vehicle.

Moving on From the Basics

  • Applying graphics to the front of vehicle - making it look straight
  • Flood coating recessed panels
  • Applying vinyl over recesses and basic curves.
  • Trimming vinyl on a vehicle - dealing with door/panel seams

The Basics of making a signboard

Most Vinyl graphics have to be applied to something, if not a vehicle then it is probably a signboard, find out how and from what to make them.

First Steps in Making Signboards

  • Substrates - what, when and how
  • Cutting and finishing different substrates to include finishing of banners.
  • Fixings for signs - what, when & how.

Moving on from the basics

  • Step by step guide to making your own sign trays
  • Frames - what, when and how.
  • Making and fitting your own flat cut letters.



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