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The Digital Academy Digital Wallcoverings Applications Workshop
The Digital Academy Digital Wallcoverings Applications Workshop
When and Where
For more information please contact:
Dawn Reid
Dawn Reid
07801 981 325

The workshop is aimed at companies who have Large Format Inkjet technology to print Digital Wallcoverings and are looking to get a complete overview of all aspects of application as well as practical hints and tips from an expert in this field.

Course Syllabus

- Introduction to products available and techniques required for application. Paste to wall, paste to paper, pre-pasted, overlap and splice, butt joint, pros and cons etc. Suitability of product for application. Basic advice on sticking to systems regarding overlaps and bleed when printing. Packaging of product, damage before it arrives at site. Importance of site surveys if possible.

- Wall preparation, removal of old wallpaper, filling, sanding, smoothness of any joints in wall, priming and sealing, lining papers, importance of finished surface, ‘blimming' rough spots. Application over existing wallpaper.

- Setting out, starting points, obstacles and obstructions - plugs, sockets, alarms, light switches, radiators etc.

- Environmental conditions - extreme heat and sun, drying too quickly, shrinkage in joints. Brittleness in vinyls when too cold.

- Preparation and conditioning of adhesive, application, paste usage in relation to surface, pasting external edges.

- Overlaps, laser levels and importance of straight / plumb edges across long runs and round obstacles such as windows to ensure pattern / image matching.

- Splicing onto different surfaces and damage to wall, knives, cutting strips, reverse cutters.

- Positioning - splicing near external corners, cutting into internal corners. Use of corner protectors.

- Leads into tools - applicators, blades, shears, basic kit etc.

- Section on stairwells and long drop image matching, windows, doors etc and use of different media.

- Good housekeeping and practices, clean water, clothes, undamaged tools. Damage caused by excess adhesive. Care of tools. Touch up and repairing damage, scratches and tears, pencils, re-applying adhesive etc.

- Additional points for self adhesive vinyls

- Suitable surfaces, windows, walls, floors etc. Preparation of surfaces. Environmental conditions.

- Dry mounting and wet mounting. Sealing walls for wet mounting.

- Application techniques for specialist vinyls including hi tac and brick vinyls.

- Application techniques for window films including optically clear and solar film.

- Tools, application fluids, cleaners etc.

- Cutting techniques for sharp corners, window seals etc.

- Problems, removal of old vinyl and glue, bomb proof vinyl, fogging, shrinking back etc

- Repairs, heat guns, touching up damage etc.

Course Cost £100 per person - includes lunch and all course materials


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