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Professional Selling Skills Programme (PSSP)
Professional Selling Skills Programme (PSSP)
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Oliver Willows
Oliver Willows

The BPIF are running a two-day Professional Selling Skills Programme (PSSP).

Participants: New starters and existing sales team members.


·       To equip participants with the core professional skills that are required in every sales situation

·       To understand the key elements of sales meetings, master the roles played by the sales person and utilise the skills needed to engage the customer and progress the bid.


The course begins with an introduction to the different selling styles, in particular the difference between responding to needs and creating needs, and the appropriate behaviours to use in different sales circumstances.

We then examine the core skills that are needed in a sales situation:

·        Managing productive sales meeting. 

·         Gaining commitment from the customer or prospect.

·         Understanding the needs of senior and junior management, addressing different priorities.

·         Getting the prospect to open up and talk about their issues and objectives.

·         Asking the right questions and listening actively. 

·         Uncovering the prospect's personal needs. 

·         Using reference stories to prove our capability. 

·         Qualifying potential sales. 

When we are in a sales meeting, there are four things we have to do:

·         Find out their needs, both business and personal.

·         Show how we can help.

·         Structure the requirement into a commercial proposition.

·         Gain commitment to the next steps in the process.

Learning Outcomes

·         Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the four different selling styles.

·         Create and develop a prospect’s needs.

·         Understand and use key listening skills.

·         Gain commitment as the sale progresses.

·         Talk the language of senior executives.

·         Create major opportunities at a senior level.

·         Qualify these opportunities very thoroughly.

·         Identify potential showstoppers and what is needed to address them.

·         Hold effective sales meetings.

·         Define the pattern of a sale as a set of commitments by the prospect.

Duration: Two days - 24 and 25 July  (as part of an Open Course or a Bespoke Package for larger companies).

Cost: 2 day workshop at £575 plus VAT for BPIF members.

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