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Health, Safety & Environmental Forum
Health, Safety & Environmental Forum
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Pat Victory
Pat Victory
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The team will present a 1-hour digestible webinar which we hope will prove to be an interesting and informative update. Please feel free to ask questions at the end of the webinar or please pass any questions to the team before the webinar so we can hopefully build within the context of the presentation – send through to [email protected]

The Forum will cover the following topics:

Machinery Safety 

Most print companies have a certain amount of machinery, and in particular moving machinery which can cause injuries in many ways. Companies are required to conduct risk assessments, and within this session the team will talk through the areas which will need to be considered, and in particular the danger of moving parts and the guarding of dangerous parts. Other hazards to consider are slips and trips, working at height, working with electrics, COSHH, fire safety and many others. 

Importance of Guarding 

To prevent injuries related to any hazardous machine part, function, or process, it’s essential to develop a safe and effective machine guarding programme. The HSE requires guarding for any machine where machine parts, functions, or processes may cause injury.  

Any machine part, function or process that might cause injury must be safeguarding from accidental contact. Regular inspections of all guards and emergency stop buttons to ensure efficiency and any breakages or irregularities reported for sufficient repair. 

Legislation Update 

A quick update on new and upcoming legislation relevant within the printing industry.




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