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HR Employment Law Forum
HR Employment Law Forum
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Pat Victory
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Ian Steel, BPIF’s Employment Law Solicitor will present a 1 hour digestible webinar which we hope will prove to be an interesting, informative and fast paced 60 minute HR and Legal update. Please feel free to ask questions at the end or preferably in writing before the event and Ian will either respond directly, or if agreed, anonymise your question and deal with it at the end of the session.  

The Forum will cover the following topics:

1. Top tips for avoiding disability discrimination claims

Disability discrimination claims are often the least understood and one of the most difficult claims to defend. Having voluminous policies and procedures in place promoting your company’s view that no discrimination should or will take place is no substitute to having an understanding on the shop floor of what is required and the importance of passing information on to the HR Team. Ian Steel will take you through the practical steps you can take to avoid disability discrimination claims and explain how Employment Tribunals deal with these cases.

2. Contract Issues

Many calls into our HR Team are related to contract issues, in particular 'How to change contractual terms' and what to do when a dispute arises. The contract is often silent on the issue you are dealing with. Ian will be providing a quick summary of how to deal with contractual disputes.

3. Holiday pay for irregular workers                            

Following the decision in the case of Harper Trust v Brazel, which rejected the 12.06% holiday pay calculation method and approved the 5.6 week holiday calculation as set out in the Working Time Regulations 1998,  Ian will take you through this tricky issue and try to clarify the current confusion over holiday pay calculations for part time workers.

4. Case round up and forthcoming legislation               

All the latest, and most interesting cases will be included as well as legislation changes that are likely to affect you.

5. Questions and answers

If we have time, we will invite questions on the day at the end of the session and for any further detailed information we will respond in writing after the session.


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