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Designing innovative and sustainable packaging
Designing innovative and sustainable packaging
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Kyle Jardine
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How to design innovative packaging that stands out (but doesn't cost the earth)

Great packaging draws attention and sends a message to your customers. It helps you to stand out, and creates a connection. The very best packaging makes your buyer feel a certain way that persuades them to part with their cash without even knowing why.

Packaging gives you an opportunity to tell a story, be creative and use texture, shape and colour. It tells the buyer something about you, your product and your brand.

Using recycled or sustainable packaging can also communicate a strong message about your company's ethical approach to doing business and trends show that consumers will continue to drive demand for more sensible packaging solutions as we face a growing environmental challenge.

This event will show how small businesses in NI can continue to use innovative, interesting and creative packaging whilst considering ways to limit their impact on the environment.

This Invest NI  workshop will focus on:

  • An overview of some of the best ways to communicate your brand story using your packaging
  • How you can use design, colour, texture, pattern, humour, imagination and innovation to cut through the noise
  • How to use sustainable design practices to create packaging that is affordable, creative and emotive
  • Local case study - showcasing an innovative and alternative packaging design solution to the environmental challenge.

There will be opportunities to talk to design professionals and experts in the sustainability arena as well as Invest NI staff explaining Innovation Vouchers, IP and other support options that could help move your business forward.



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