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BPIF Waste Management, Reduction & Recycling Roundtable
BPIF Waste Management, Reduction & Recycling Roundtable
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Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
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This roundtable provides members with the opportunity to discuss how the industry deals with waste management and how it recycles and ultimately aims to reduce waste. This discussion is with peers and the BPIF to work to source best practice, solutions and support moving forward.

This roundtable focuses on Waste Management, Reduction and Recycling and will include a presentation by the following experts and conclude with a Q&A and open discussion. 

Matthew Peacock, Process Improvement Expert and BPIF Affiliate Consultant

Matthew is a graduate manufacturing engineer with 40 years senior management and consulting experience. In 2003 Matthew become a founder Lean Specialist with Vision in Print.  He is particularly interested in helping companies to increase profits and reduce environmental impact by minimising waste.

Most printers know that reducing material waste is fundamental to reducing our impact on the environment. But many printing companies don’t realise that reducing material waste can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve profits.

In this presentation I will show how a typical printer took practical steps to reduce material waste that resulted in annual savings of over £100,000.

Jon Hutton, Director, Prismm (BPIF Waste Management Partner)

Jon Hutton is a Director and Consultant at Prismm Environmental, and is uniquely positioned within the printing industry, specifically focused on Waste and Recycling management. Jon is a recognized figure, public speaker, and is passionate about the continual improvement of sustainability and recycling.

Jon leads the way in his mission, with knowledge that spans over 20 years and the founder of projects specifically aimed at improving the environmental credentials of the Printing Industry.  This includes diverting from landfill over 100,000 tonnes, and counting, of label waste. One of Jon’s current goals is creating a national infrastructure to recycle end-of -life graphics from retailers. 

Jon’s motivation stems from a passion to contribute and improve the environment of our planet, for the current generation, his children’s, grandchildren (one day hopefully) and future generations.


1. An overview of the Waste and Recycling Industries that serve you

  • To understand the opportunities, you need to know the limitations of the available markets

2. How to achieve effective waste management

  • Containment and Equipment
  • Treatment – Landfill, Recovery, Recycling
  • Legislation  
  • Advice - Independent or biased
  • Obligations
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