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Priorities for Print 2015-17

Priorities for Print

Priorities for Print 2015-17 was published by the BPIF in December 2014 and sets out our members' current concerns on a number of key issues facing the industry and the actions that we believe need to be taken by Government to address these. It also introduces MPs and members of the House of Lords to one of the UK's most technologically advanced and economically important manufacturing sectors. 

Our five priorities are:

  • Optimising competitiveness and profitability
  • Securing access to funding
  • Developing skills
  • Delivering sustainable production at an affordable cost
  • Promoting literacy, democracy, and effective communications

Download Priorities for Print here

We have also produced a report on progress achieved against our industry’s lobbying agenda since the first edition of Priorities for Print was published in 2010. 

Download our lobbying progress report here


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