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We have a wealth of online templates you can use. From draft policies to checklists and guidance, as a member you are entitled to use these all for your business.

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Letter 3 - Invite letter to first disciplinary meeting - Size: 81Kb Download
Letter 1 - Letter inviting to Investigatory meeting - Size: 81Kb Download
Letter 1 - Invite to informal meeting - Size: 80Kb Download
Form 4 - Return to Work form - Size: 105Kb Download
Letter 14 - Letter to an employee confirming details of changes to written contract - Size: 79Kb Download
Policy 1 - Grievance Procedure - Size: 93Kb Download
Letter 2 - Letter suspending an employee pending a disciplinary investigation - Size: 104Kb Download
Contract 6 - Staff contract - Size: 129Kb Download
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