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October 2017

Your North West Regional Board Needs You!

Your North West Regional Board Needs You!

The BPIF operates within a formal Constitution which establishes and governs the BPIF as an Unincorporated Association. It sets out the rules by which the Federation is run and enables all members to understand what is expected and how the Federation is managed. It is essential that the BPIF's constitution meets its needs. The BPIF constitution has existed - in one form or another - for over a century and has been amended many times to ensure its relevance.

The latest document was approved on the 2 July 2015 and the AGM and is available here -

The Constitution sets out the following clear and well-defined role and responsibilities for Regional Boards, which operates in each BPIF Region:-

i) Gather and assess the views of Members in their Regions on matters concerning the policies, governance, or management of BPIF.
ii) Communicate regional views and perspectives as necessary to the National Council, Board of Directors, Policy Committees, and to the Regional and Executive Directors.
iii) Ensure that relevant information on important developments in the Region is disseminated to Members in their Regions.
iv) Comment on any plans, policies, strategies, priorities, and budgetary matters referred to the Regional Board for consultation by the National Council
v) Receive reports from the Regional Director on activities and developments to the Regions and provide guidance to the Regional Director as appropriate.
vi) Promote relations between BPIF and any government agencies or other important external organisations based in the Region, and determine whether representations should be made to them on any matters.
vii) Promote the benefits of BPIF membership to non-Members companies in the Region.

Where you can help............

Matters for discussion

• The next North West Regional Board meeting will be on the 28th November 2017, and I would implore you to contact me personally with any matters regarding the BPIF, and on important issues from the region that you would like discussing at the Board Meetings. Please send these by 29th October for inclusion within the Agenda.

Regional Board Member

• Would you like to increase your personal profile, increase your business profile and have a role in influencing BPIF plans and policies?
• Would you like the opportunity to benefit from, and have direct input into your Regional Board.
• Could you spare 3 x ½ days per year?

Please contact me, Darren Shepherd - Regional Director North on or phone me on 07714 134655 for a discussion on where you can help with the Regional Board.

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September 2017

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In a bid to remain fully relevant and accessible to its members, the BPIF has rebranded its Consultancy department to BPIF Specialist Services, following a member discussion forum and a department restructure. 

For more information please contact:
Darren Shepherd
Darren Shepherd