Standards and Certification

The way you manage your business directly impacts on its success.

Business management can seem like a minefield. So many factors need to be optimised – risk management, cost containment, staff motivation – and management time has to be properly allocated to each area. However, there is a way to make real gains.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised quality management system (QMS). Attaining this standard for your company will help your managers monitor and improve performance and efficiency. The result: increased sales, reduced spoilage and higher profits.

What’s more, displaying the standard’s logo and mark is an excellent marketing tool. Print buyers and clients will instantly realise that your business is well managed.

A BPIF Consultancy Services QMS expert can help your company meet the requirements of ISO 9001, providing experienced and knowledgeable support to help you develop your QMS and achieve certification.

Implementation is set at a pace that will not disrupt your day-to-day business, and involves ensuring that every member of staff understands fully the requirements of the system for their job and how to sustain it. Successful QMS is built on employee ‘buy-in’.

FACTS - What is involved

A BPIF Consultancy Services QMS expert can:

  • Evaluate your current systems and documentation
  • Write a quality policy manual
  • Work with you to design and implement a QMS that will conform to ISO 9001
  • Provide support and advice throughout the process, without disrupting your daily work
  • Be present during certification assessment

ISO 9001 can help your business:


  • Show commitment to quality management standards
  • Implement consistent operational and control methods
  • Monitor performance and efficiency
  • Enhance its competitive advantage
  • Market itself by using the ISO quality logo and ‘crown and tick’ mark
  • Improve training and motivation
ISO 9001 Quality Management
Quality Management Systems - Size: 58Kb Download
ISO 9001 2015 Gap Guide - Size: 71Kb Download
For more information please contact:
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Meeka Walwyn-Lewis
Consultancy Manager
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