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The BPIF offers a clear, concise and independent view of your sales and marketing. Members using this healthcheck receive a written report showing the areas of strength and the areas requiring improvement along with practical steps to ensure they make the most of future developments.

This healthcheck is not onerous on the business with the whole exercise taking only 2 days with question sessions rarely taking more than 1 hour per person including conversations both with internal staff and a cross-section of your customers. The report is personally delivered to the commissioning person with the opportunity to probe into more detail where required.

Topics covered include: customer perceptions, sales & marketing, planning & implementation, product/service, digital media, PR, advertising, brand development, events and activities.

FACTS - What is involved


  • 1.5 days information gathering
  • 0.5 day reporting findings and establishing next steps
  • Interviews with staff across organisation
  • Interviews with clients
  • Measurement against industry best practice
  • Written report produced for board discussion
  • Practical suggestions for future improvements




  • Improve performance of Sales & Marketing
  • Independent view of Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Clear action points for the future
  • Understand company position against industry standards
  • Affordable with low impact on business
  • Fresh market development
  • Additional revenue opportunities




Sales & Marketing Healthcheck fact sheet - Size: 64Kb Download
For more information please contact:
Chris Selby
Chris Selby
Sales and Consultancy Director
07801 981 341
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